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Brent Charolais, owned by Matthew Brent, is the result of six generations of farmers and ranchers that trace their roots to the prairie settlers of the 1880’s.  Since arriving in Western Osborne County, Kansas over 130 years ago the Brent Family has remained deeply involved in agricultural and livestock production.

For a good deal of those 130 years, if you visited a pasture on our farm, you would likely see a group of commercial “lineback” Hereford cows.  However, in 1972, upon returning to the family farm, Matthew’s uncle Darrell Brent decided to try one of the “new” Charolais bulls on those Hereford cows.  Those resulting yellow baldies were thought to be a great success, and over the years many more Charolais bulls were used in the commercial cowherd.

Growing up around those Charolais cross calves, and witnessing first hand the improvement in performance and muscling set the wheels in motion for Matthew.  While a freshman at Kansas State University in the fall of 1993, Matthew visited Hubert Charolais Ranch, and purchased his first six registered Charolais cows.  Those cows calved in the spring of 1994, and we’ve been raising registered Charolais ever since.

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